Louis Anthony Mackerly

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Louis Anthony Mackerley was born on February 15th, 1977 near Stanhope, New Jersey and moved to the Allentown, Pennsylvania area in June of 1983, a year before his disappearance. He disappeared on June 7th, 1984 from Allentown, Pennsylvania when he was just 7 years old. His abduction is classed as a ‘non-family abduction’. Louis is a caucasian male, with blonde / brown hair and blue eyes. He is 4’0 – 4’1 and weighs 44 pounds. When he disappeared, he had four of his front teeth missing. Louis has two odd-shaped circular burn scars on the right side of his chest. He walks slowly and leans forward when he walks, and when he speaks, he puts his hands on his hips. Louis has learning and emotional disabilities and has been diagnosed as hyperactive, he must take twice-daily doses of Ritalin to control his condition, if he doesn’t take the medicine, he may suffer from lapses of memory. 

Louis was last seen wearing a short-sleeved green-striped or navy and white-striped shirt, long blue pants or jeans with a red tag on the rear pocket that reads “Doggie,” an elastic belt with trim and a buckle shaped like a train, pink socks, and brown shoes.

On June 7th, 1984, Louis mother was undergoing surgery so she called a babysitter to look after Louis. Other sources state that Louis was being looked after by his aunt on June 7th. On that day, Louis returned home from school and told the babysitter that he was going to walk to his friends / neighbours house which was two doors down from his house. Louis never made it to his neighbours house and as never seen again.

The last sightings of Louis were from a couple of witnesses. Louis was last seen by one witness walking between Fourth Street and Garden Street. During this walk, the owner Carmen Marco (who is no longer alive) of a hot dog shop named ‘Marco’s Doggie Shop’ said that Louis had come into his shop around 4:00pm to hide from two teenage boys that were chasing him. Louis stayed in the shop for 45 minutes, before leaving at 4:45pm and walking east on Gordon Street. The boys who were believed to be the same boys that had chased Louis on that day were questioned by the police, but they were soon cleared of any wrongdoing. Louis parents believe that Louis was headed to 391 Chew Street, which was the home of an elderly woman he liked to visit. 

Though there was another witnesses statement that came through, this witness said that they had seen Louis at 4:30pm talking to an unidentified man and woman in a park near Jordan Creek, approximately one block away from Louis house. This story has not been confirmed or ruled out as a possible scenario. 

In January of 1984, before Louis went missing, he told his parents, his school’s nurse, and a psychologist that he had been abused by a couple named Frank and Elizabeth. His accounts of the alleged incident differed; once he said he had been abused on the railroad tracks near Jordan Street and the Lehigh River, and another time he said Frank and Elizabeth had driven him to an apartment in Allentown and abused him there before taking him back to his own neighborhood. There may have been more than one incident. Louis stated the couple threatened to hurt him if he told anybody about what they had done. The Allentown police were notified but they could not find enough evidence to warrant an investigation, as Louis could not provide any last names or addresses in his accounts. It is not known whether abuse incident(s), if they actually happened, had anything to do with Louis’s disappearance six months later.

At 11:00pm on June 7th, when Louis didn’t come home or answer his family’s calls, Louis parents reported him missing. They didn’t report him missing earlier because Louis did like to stay out late and sometimes he didn’t come home until 9:30pm. Once he left early in the morning and accidently locked himself out of his house, the parents ended up installing a special lock so this wouldn’t happen again. An extensive search was conducted which turned up no clues. They searched Jordan Creek. Lehigh River and Dorney Park. Louis loves playing near water and loved Jordan Creek and Lehigh River, and shortly before he went missing, Louis said that he wanted to visit Dorney Park. They found no trace of him at any of these places.

Eleven months after Louis disappeared, his family moved into the house on Chew Street that he liked to visit. The elderly female friend of Louis’s who had lived there was moving to a retirement home, and Louis’s family wanted to be at a place he knew and might return to. He had often played at the residence and had dreamed of living there someday. Unfortunately Louis’s parents were unable to make the mortgage payments for the home, in spite of contributions from community members who were moved by their plight. They filed for bankruptcy and moved to Effort, Pennsylvania in 1989. The Chew Street residence has been vacant since that time.

Louis is described as friendly and talkative but a loner and a timid child who was afraid to sleep alone. He had a short attention span and had trouble writing and paying attention in school. Because of this, he was due to enter a class for learning-disabled students in the fall of 1984.

His case remains unsolved; he is believed to have been abducted by a non-family member. His parents believe he may be alive and may not remember who he is.

Image result for louis mackerley
Image result for louis mackerley
Louis age progression images.


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