David Clayton Warner

David was born on January 30th 1971 and lived in Jefferson City, Tennessee, he went missing at the age of 12 on March 2nd, 1983. David would now be 47. At the time of his disappearance, he was 5’2″ and weighed 110 pounds. He has blonde hair, brown eyes and suffers from epilepsy and is classified as endangered missing due to this. On the day he went missing, he was wearing a black and white Pittsburgh Steelers sweatshirt, blue jeans and white sneakers.

David was legally adopted by his grandmother Babra Warner when he was born, due to his birth mother Faye Warner, being 16, unwed and unemployed at the time of Davids birth. Faye stayed close to Davis up until the day he went missing.

David, also known as ‘little David’, woke up on March 2nd and told his family that he would be going to a church function that day up the street from his home on Beeler Avenue. When the time came, David left to go to the church function, but when he arrived, he looked inside the church and then decided to leave, heading instead down to Druther’s Restaurant – where kids could get a free hamburger if they got an A on their school report card. The day David went missing, he received a ‘rare’ A on his school report card for physical education , and therefore earned a free hamburger. After eating, he then went to his friends house to watch TV until around 7:00pm, in which he told his friend he was then going to go home, which was only 30 yards away . Odell avenue is the last known place David was seen in.

The night of his disappearance, David’s family thought he was staying at his friends house, as he usually did, due to his absence upon returning home. There is also another report that states his aunt believed he was actually in bed, due to the cover on his bed seeming to have been arranged to make it look like someone was sleeping under them – this statement fits with the events the following morning when they still hadn’t seen David. His family went to check his room, only then realizing he was never in bed that night and he was missing. When they reported him missing, they stated to the police that the covers had looked to be arranged in a certain way. I couldn’t find any further leads to explain why David’s bed sheets had been arranged, or what the family thought of this.

Many theories and rumors were going around in Jefferson City. One of his teachers, Isabelle Haigh, recalls some people believing that David may have been taken because of something he saw during his street roaming.

Several months after his disappearance, police received a tip that David was in Miami with Ivan ‘Red’ Wilson, a cousin to David’s father, Edgar Wilson. Miami police were then sent a picture of David. A Florida detective also said that one of the two boys he saw near Ivan Wilson’s Miami address bore a strong resemblance to David. It took three months to resolve this lead, and when they questioned David’s father, he said that he had nothing to do with his sons disappearance or know of his whereabouts. He showed police a crudely printed letter he had received, it read: “Edgar…if your son is at your cousins house in Miami, you better do something now! (someone) has told them that you do.” signed, ‘an unknown friend.’ Police went to Ivan Wilson’s address and no one was there. Ivan has denied any involvement in David’s disappearance.

Since this tip came in, there have been no new updates on David and his whereabouts. Is this a possible runaway case? That would explain the arrangement of the bed sheets. Or was he kidnapped? I wonder if there were any witnesses that day that maybe saw David getting into a car, or talking to someone on the street. And why did David tell his aunt he was going to church, but went to Druthers Restaurant instead? I’ve read that people think David is no longer alive, and he was kidnapped that day after he left his friends house. I hope one day his family will have closure on what happened to little David. Or if he is still alive, he can finally come home.

The photo on the right is the age progressed photo of David at 42 years old.

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Posted by Find Little David Warner on Tuesday, February 26, 2013

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